Wednesday, May 13, 2009

can we please go home?

halo mates... we meet again in my blog writing. after 6 years and 10 examinations, i am finally free from all the assignments, presentation and co-curricular activities... yooohoooo... but i am still stuck here in this maktab because our lecturers love cohort 2 sooooooo much, they did not want to see us leave.... hahaha in my dreams! nola.... kalo ikut perancangan (kalo ade rancanganla) we all are supposedly to be having some courses to prepare ourselves when we go to school. but, until now ape yg kami dah buat ialah jadi sekretariat for the national english camp at HOSBA CAMP in jitra (if any of the participants read my blog, feel free to leave ur particulars so that we can keep in touch ok...) and participate in the storytelling concert last monday.... thanx to all IPSAH students for being able to luangkan ur guys punye time to watch us. i hope you guys enjoy our performance and we hope that later in school, u might want to use some of the storytelling techniques that have been presented in your teaching. mule2 mmg x mau susun krusi byk2, but we are amazed when there was a fulhouse that night. thanx a lot again for all the audience. anyway, i really hope that we will be allowed to go back so we can enjoy some quality time together with our beloved family ( this is serious, ok!) anyway gald to be writing again... till i have the mood to write again.. daaaa

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


assalamualaikum and hola mates... i'm in the post exam mode. nothing to worry about except for the dreaded "letter" which is expected to be sent to us during the mid sem holidays... can i ask not to be posetd to a very rural area... if not, bazir je i pay rm 98 per month for my broadband... hahaha anyway, i don't mind actually going to a new place but please let me stay home for the first few years of my career... bukan nak jadi manja but nak dok umah mak ayah dulu then baru nak start hidup on my own. anyway, im going back to johor tonite at 1030. sapa2 nak mai johor be free to call me first then kita bley pi jalan2, ur treat! hahaha anyway hope to see tesl cohort2 and nz cohort2 from all over malaysia this monday. adios!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my final paper

on this coming 28th April, i will be sitting for my last paper, reflection, and i'm trying hard, i mean REALLY, REALLY hard to memorize all the proponents... mctaggartla, kemmisla, schonla.... isk3... xpe2, it's all worth the effort if i can score well in this exam.... my target for this sem is to get my first ever 3.75 or above... hahaha, xpe... biar cita menggunung as it will foce me to work harder. anyway, after this paper, i will be FREE, MERDEKA and any words in other languages that bring the meaning "not tied to anything". thanx to my mum, i will be able to go back to johor afterwards. tiket mahalla sekarang, rm 60. luckily my dad dah blikan tiket dr pontian ke sp. lega sket poket aku. hahahaha. so, guys wish me luck for my paper. later i'll share with u my experience at the english camp in Jitra

Monday, March 30, 2009

seraching for the time...

hallo mates... lame jugak aku x tulis kat blog ni.... i have a very concrete reason though.... i have to complete and submit my project paper and after that i felt very relieved... hahaha. anyway, let's talk about friends and foe.... sapela xde both types of poeple in their life... kalo xde kawan, u guys will be like wilson in the lotus eater, if u guys xde musuh, u guys are not real human... kalo korang tell me that u don't have any foe, jgn nak try test tipu aku... baik macammane pun ko, mmg korang ade musuh but u guys je x perasan... i'm writing this with the exception of the selected fews by Allah the almighty (our rasuls and prophet) who does'nt have any foe but many chose to be their foes.... having a foe is not a bad thing, i consider it a good thing. i will talk about it in my next post... and to all my friends, thanx for the time this afternoon... i enjoyed it very much walaupun xde duit hahaha. hope to have fun with u guys again but wheni have some money.... see ya...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pressure @ tekanan

hallo... we meet again in my blog. today i would like to talk about pressure. with so many assignment due this and the folowing week, i did not look forward to my weekend as it will only be filled with assigments, books, papers and my lovely computer. isk isk isk if only my 'beloved' lecturer did not come today and purposely added some more pressure to finish off my project paper. luckily my journal entries has been completed and that is really a relief for me. so, what is pressure? for me, pressure is unnecessary force that would fire me up to complete my task. but, it as its side effect. when i'm under pressure to do something, i will be very fussy and very emotional. try to cari pasal dengan me right now. luckily i have this blog to channel my stress. so how do you guys manage ur stress? do you jump around? do you yell as loud as you can? if anyone can give me a foot massage right now, i will offer that person rm 1 k... but if only i have that sum of money... sigh... until we meet again in my next post... jangan nakal nakal... 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

can someone help me with my weight?

ish3... when there is no money, people would do anything for it but when there are money, people to will do anything too, but to lose them as soon as possible, only to moan when there is nothing left. for me, i've spend almost my allowances (similar to your scholarship) on FOOD... now, i have to control my diet because my mom told me that " blum kawen pun badan dah naik"... susahla mama... the food in Sp is sooooo good and soooooo CHEAP.... x bley oooo... kalo kat jb nasi and ayam boleh jejak rm5++, kat sini, nasi and ayam baru rm2+++.... camne nak control, allowance masuk x blanje, nanti kate x bersyukur plak,,, hahahaha... anyway, i'm on my own planned diet tp still susah nak ikut... xpe2,, kite tgk dalam 3 bulan lg...if you guys want to suggest me with idea2 bernas on how to loose weight, please make yourself available... see ya...

Friday, February 20, 2009

there's always a first time...

hola... this is my first posting.. for me, honestly, blogging ni mcm kalo dah xde keje lain baru bley wat but it has been fun reading other's blog and now i'm trying to write my own blog. anyway, we'll see if i'm hooked to this stuff or i just ditch it along the way... anyway looking forward to see you guys in my blog.