Wednesday, May 13, 2009

can we please go home?

halo mates... we meet again in my blog writing. after 6 years and 10 examinations, i am finally free from all the assignments, presentation and co-curricular activities... yooohoooo... but i am still stuck here in this maktab because our lecturers love cohort 2 sooooooo much, they did not want to see us leave.... hahaha in my dreams! nola.... kalo ikut perancangan (kalo ade rancanganla) we all are supposedly to be having some courses to prepare ourselves when we go to school. but, until now ape yg kami dah buat ialah jadi sekretariat for the national english camp at HOSBA CAMP in jitra (if any of the participants read my blog, feel free to leave ur particulars so that we can keep in touch ok...) and participate in the storytelling concert last monday.... thanx to all IPSAH students for being able to luangkan ur guys punye time to watch us. i hope you guys enjoy our performance and we hope that later in school, u might want to use some of the storytelling techniques that have been presented in your teaching. mule2 mmg x mau susun krusi byk2, but we are amazed when there was a fulhouse that night. thanx a lot again for all the audience. anyway, i really hope that we will be allowed to go back so we can enjoy some quality time together with our beloved family ( this is serious, ok!) anyway gald to be writing again... till i have the mood to write again.. daaaa

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  1. ala manjanya............

    duduk je kat sini....

    like cohort 1, they supposedly got a course (kissm) but at last, they were not participate in the course